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APRIL  27 - 29, 2018 • 6:00 -10:00 pm

About Us

“Join Us As We Witness To The World!!”

It’s amazing how Our Messiah YAHUSHA Says that if we want to inherit the reign of shamaym (heaven), we must change and return as a child ~ Matt. 18:3-4

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Our Mission

To Inspire, Educate, and Motivate the Gifts and Talents of the True Children Of YAHUAH scattered throughout all of the four corners of the world in every nation, region, tribe, and tongue By The Word Of YAHUSHA, providing resources, witnessing tools, and a Worldwide Immersions Network so that All will become Effective Witnesses Of The Great News, regardless of language, nationality and origin.

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Learn With Us

Learn the truth. The Father has a personal and unique [set-apart] Name, taught through His Word, and revealed to us through His [ancient language] - in which Scripture was written at first. All people know the names of other "gods", like buddah, allah, etc . . . yet the Creator of heaven and earth's Name is known ONLY by a MINORITY.

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Latest Sermons & Discussions

Take Me To The Water

Yaram Yahu, also known as Christopher J. Calhoun, is the well-known voice behind the YouTube Network TruthUnveiled777 that was launched in December 2015. Gaining more than a quarter-million subscribers worldwide, and viewed by over 48 million people all over the world, TruthUnveiled777 has now transcended into a brand new network on YouTube: TruthUnveiled777 Archives.

Before launching the YouTube channel, I was an aspiring author with a self published children's book entitled Heartland at the age of 11 in 2006. My debut novel entitled Secrets of the Untold Spirits, was published when I was 15 years old in 2010. Since then, YAHUAH (The Restored Name For Our Father) Has Led me into full-time ministry work over the past few years. After conducting Immersions (baptisms) worldwide in places such as the United States and Ireland, along with future Immersions planned for United Kingdom, Thailand, and beyond -- early-January 2018 is when Witness To The World (WTTW) became a reality.

Here at WTTW, we are on a mission to inspire, motivate, and educate the world about the Restored Names of Our Father YAHUAH, and also The Son, YAHUSHA. At WTTW, we also strive to provide witnessing tools, resources, Immersion packets, and Immersions for everyone, regardless of language, origin, background, and nationality. We are also looking to start our own charity, WTTW Cares -- because here at WTTW, it's about helping everyone in need.

Join Us As We Witness To The World!!